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Welcome to KBB CNC Machining  where we pride ourselves in providing superior service at competitive pricing.  

Our Mission

Our mission at KBB CNC Machining is to design and manufacture integrated products solutions for high technology industries.  We offer high quality, precision work with all types of materials including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass,G10 and plastics.   We are dedicated to superior service and uncompromising quality in every aspect of our operations.  We are committed to total client satisfaction.  We make promises we can keep and keep every promise we make.

Whether you need a complex prototype, high quantity production run or would like us to repair your existing parts, we have the experience, equipment, ambitions and personnel to either meet or exceed your standards.

Company Profile

KBB CNC Machining, slowly gained reputation for producing and designing quality products while providing excellent customer service.  Experience in the out sourcing service industry as well as high precision machining, engineering design and manufacturing assembly.  With the extensive knowledge of this group, they worked together to establish KBB CNC Machining, a company that produces high quality, precision products with a customer service that is incomparable. 

At KBB CNC Machining, a high quality, reliable product, punctual deliveries and at a competitive price is our standard, no matter the industry or size of the job.  We believe in fulfilling each customers specific needs. 


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For more information, please visit our Contacts page or call us at 480-584-3882 or email: kbb@kbbcncmachining.com